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March 22, 2012
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(ES) El juego en español esta en este [link]

Game #10
The Pinguinos Marinela Laboratory v1.01 (2002, GameLobo Advance Project)

Index of games: (Coming soon)
Previous game: 13b Space Monster! > [link]
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This is one of the most complex games I've been made, some months of programming instead weeks like other games. Made in Flash 5 was a real nightmare of design and code since I did push the small app off limits but is a good game after all. This is the arcade game of a video called "El laboratorio de los pinguinos marinela" (The Pinguinos Marinela Lab) where the penguins made cakes in a wacky lab in the South Pole.

Game plot and how to play
The evil Magatelo try to sabotage the Pinguinos Marinela Lab as vengeance for his evil plans are always being stopped by the Marinela Club kids. So he had spill a toxic substance inside the lab for convert all the fruits into a mutant army that want to destroy all the good fruits. The penguins must save the day and stop all the mutants.

The mutants shoots fire, which is bad for the penguins. The penguins counterattack with ice cubes. The rescued hostages give ammo and health. Rescue all the hostages and pass to the next level.

Controls in exploration mode
Arrows - Move the penguin around the lab

Controls in battle mode
X - Right
Z - left
SPACE - Shoot

On screen controls
* Map of the laboratory
* Possible exits
* Health and ammo
* Game tips (Level 1 only)
* Some "Enter the matrix" movie like effects courtesy of the client :P

This is not the final version released to the client (1.00) but a smaller update (1.01) and the changes are the following:

1. Game converted to Flash 8.
2. The "game" buttons, refer to a "games central" on the main page. Removed code since the page and the games do not exists anymore.
3. Translated to English, and made some minors changes.

No known bugs.

1. I add Easter eggs in all my games, the most easy to find is the secret credit scene. Try it! press the dot in the "v1.01" at main screen.

Credits & legal
This game is distributed "AS IS", since is an old game I do not want to update and/or improve it. As well if don't work in your computer or hangs up... bad luck dude!

Marinela and related characters are copyright and trademark of Bimbo Bakery Inc. Showed here as part of my portfolio. This game is only for personal use, do not repost or sell it.

Enjoy with milk! ;)
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